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Address the Nation #RebuildAmerica

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Mon April 20, 2020
Vereinigte Staaten
What would you say, if you had the ability to Address the Nation?
How would you Rebuild America your way?
-Where would you start?
-What would you fix?
-What would you build?
-What laws would you change?
(With no creative limitations!)

-We encourage everyone to participate by posting your ideas right here on the Group/Event wall. Use your imagination and feel free to post a picture or video explaining your thoughts and ideas. (of your own content).
Please no SPAM!

-Because Ive witnessed other nations overthrow their entire government through the power of social networking, I don't believe we need to overthrow our government but if we have the capability to run a government where the people make the decisions why aren't we already doing it?
-Because it just makes sense.
-Because we can. M'erica!

**This is an open event/group, invite a friend.
**We plan to post digital polls to gather everyone's opinion.

Admin Shutouts:
-Ocala, where it all begins!

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-Because it will be fun to how far we can take this!
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