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Have Guy Fieri Come Meet Mr. Charlie Lundell

Wed December 31, 2014


My name is Karen, and I'm on a mission. But before I tell you about my mission, let me explain a little first.

In 2012, my dad, Charlie Lundell, a math teacher at a local high school and former United States Marine, was first diagnosed with throat cancer. Through chemo, radiation, another tumor, and surgery, he finished treatment on Halloween of that year. For another year and two months, he was cancer free.

Recently, around Christmas, he became sick. He was having trouble breathing and always coughing. The doctors thought it was bronchitis, until we found out what it really was: the cancer was back. This time, it is in his lung and liver. He has been in the hospital since January 27th, 2014.

On top of that, he and his wife, my stepmom, Melissa, are expecting twins this summer. I want my dad to not only be around for me and my younger brother, Chase (his namesake), but for my future siblings as well. He also needs to be around to see his first born (me) get married so he can walk me down the aisle.

Before my dad went into the hospital, I asked him if he could meet anyone in the world right now, who would he want to me. He said Guy Fieri. Now you may be wondering, why did he pick Guy Fieri? Well, when my dad first had cancer, it was in his throat. He couldn't eat and had to get a feeding tube put in. He would watch tv all day, but his favorite time was at six, when he turned the TV to Food Network to watch Guy Fieri's show, Diners, Drive Ins, & Dives. It became his favorite show, and he vowed that when he was better, we would visit all the locations in the US that we could, and he would try out recipes he saw on the show. So far, we have been to a handful of the locations, and my brother will swear that his rub for chicken and ribs is better than any restaurant he's been to.

So, my mission is to get Guy Fieri to come to Florida, specifically Orlando, and come to the hospital where my dad is being treated, so that he can meet his favorite chef and celebrity. I have made this event public so that we can invite as many people as possible to get this event noticed by Guy Fieri and his team. I will also be sending emails and letters so that we can hit them from all angles.

Please invite everybody you can to this event. I really want to do this for my dad. Thanks a bunch, and God bless.

Karen Lundell