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FAQ & Help

How do I enter an event?

Please follow our easy guide: 3 Steps to enter an event on Pinvents

Why is an event not displayed?

This can have several reasons. Only events that were filled in completely on Facebook can be displayed on You have to select an existing location or fill in a new one (including valid address) and enter the correct date (click here for a guide). In addition, you should upload a flyer and enter a description, so that your event is well presented.

Why do events exist twice?

This happens when an event was recorded twice on Facebook - for example, by the organizer, but also by a big fan of the event. We have no influence on duplicate entries.

Why is an event displayed in the wrong place?

An event is always displayed at the place where it was created on Facebook. If an incorrect address or an incorrect location was selected, the event is also displayed incorrectly on Unfortunately we have no influence in this case! Click here for our guide how to add a location to Facebook.

How can I report events or contact the creator?

If you have noticed errors in the event description, you can report them directly to the creator. Simply click on the name next to "Created by ..." (in detail view), the Facebook page of the creator opens in a new window and you can contact the person in the usual ways. Events that violate our rules (with violent, pornographic or other illegal content), please report us at so that we remove it from the database. Important: is never the creator of events, so we have no control over the content or the accuracy of the data!

How do I delete or edit my event?

To delete or edit your event on Pinvents, you go to your event page on Facebook and delete or edit it there. Within 3 to 4 days, the change will be made automatically on Pinvents. To accelerate this process, add the link to the event on so that it is updated immediately.

Why do I have to log in with my Facebook account?

We need event data to make work properly. To save these, we check what events are associated with your profile because you participate in it. The more events we can gather in this way, the more complete will our event calendar be. Tell all your friends about it, to support us!

Do you store my private data?

We only store the events that are associated with you, the link to your Facebook site and your age (for our statistcs).

How do I change my location?

On entering, we try to automatically determine your location. It may be that there opens a small notification in your browser - please confirm this! If your location on the map (top right) is not right, click the "find my location" button. Do you want to display events from a different region, you can use the slider to extend the radius of the map, or simply click on the map to choose another place.

Can I highlight my event or promote it?

We are already working on various ways for you to make your event more attractive for visitors of Until then, please be patient. Click here for our advertising page.

How can I send you feedback?

If you want to tell us something, for example if you have discovered a bug, simply visit our Facebook page and post your concerns there. We look forward to welcome you as a fan of on Facebook.


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